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14 Foods You Should Eat To Keep Your Liver Healthy


Oatmeal is a popular,  easy to make and a nutritionally rich  breakfast. This fiber hero helps the  liver to function at its best. High  in a compound called beta glucans,  a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit helps the body  fight against obesity, diabetes and inflammation.  It cuts down the amount of fat stored in the liver  and protects it from potential liver disease.  Fat is the liver’s worst enemy and eating oats  regularly will help in shedding a few pounds.

Cruciferous vegetables

 Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli,  cauliflower, brussel sprouts and mustard greens  are some of the best liver friendly vegetables.  You may not like their taste but they are  packed with plant compounds like phytonutrients,  carotenoids and flavonoids. These  help in neutralizing toxins. They  also contain certain compounds that trigger  the reaction of certain enzymes in the liver.  This detoxifies carcinogens  and heavy metals from blood.  Remember to always combine cruciferous veggies  with healthy fats to draw the most benefits.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish like salmon,  sardines, tuna and trout are packed with nutrients  that lower the risk of developing certain cancers,  heart diseases and arthritis. Rich in omega  3 fatty acids, they reduce the harmful impact  caused by non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Being  naturally anti inflammatory they also help with  insulin sensitivity. No liver friendly diet is  complete without a generous helping of fatty fish.From maintaining the balance of enzymes in the  liver to stopping the build up of excessive fat,  experts recommend eating fatty  fish at least once a week.  If that’s not possible then you  can use fish oil supplements.

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