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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Get Tattooed

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Get Tattooed

 Why do new tattoos hurt

people who get multiple tattoos don’t have supernatural powers they totally experience pain let’s face it the procedure is painful and this might not be completely related to your pain threshold so it’s all right to get a little jumpy when you’re sitting on that chair believe it your tattoo artist has seen it all the dermis has a rich blood supply and plexus of nerve endings so with every poking needle the nerves will receive the stimulus of pain a few people believe that getting a tattoo on thin skin over bone can cause more pain because there’s no fatty tissue to cushion the blow but there’s no scientific evidence for this whatsoever the most painful areas for tattooing remain to be your armpit ankles shins elbows breasts ribs sternum fingers feet and delicate skin on your face however nail tattoos are painless but don’t think of popping an aspirin to get rid of the pain right before getting a tattoo these pain relievers have a blood thinning effect that would also up your risk of increased blood loss during the tattoo this makes the artist’s job 100 times more difficult and might affect the quality of the artwork

Do tattoos fade with time

 sadly even if it’s permanent the most dark and colored tattoos will fade over time you have to consider the aging of your skin the old fibroblasts are replaced by new ones and slowly you’ll keep losing color

 Should you go sunbathing after getting a tattoo

planning to get a tattoo on your beach vacation isn’t the best idea after all too much exposure to the sun can give you a bad sunburn when the ink is still fresh you do not want the top layer to be peeling like snake skin no amount of lathering up in sunscreen will help you need to give it time to rest and get completely absorbed by your skin this is seen particularly in black and gray colored tattoos as they attract more sunlight ultraviolet rays can destroy the pigment, not just the sun but taking hot showers or dropping hot beverages on your tattoo can dilute it heat is a major destructor of all pigment and treating your flesh wound with something that is hot is just gonna cause more problems

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