The World’s Longest Living People DON’T EAT These 6 Foods

Most of the time it will be made of refined  flour. And just like other processed foods,   processed grains are also a big no when  you are following a blue zone diet. This carbohydrate-rich food breakdown immediately  creates a surge of glucose in your bloodstream. On the other hand, if you consume 100%  whole wheat bread or sour dough that is authentically prepared then it is going to  bring you a million benefits. Whole grain bread has a lower glycemic index and it will reduce  your chances of obesity and type 2 diabetes. It will also have more fiber that can deal  with constipation and other digestive issues.  

Remember to include rye and barley flour if  you’re making your own bread. You will get a wide range of minerals like Selenium and  magnesium along with an amino acid called tryptophan. Also, the lactobacilli used  to raise the sourdough aids digestion.  

Find a bakery or a shop that prepares  authentic sourdough and wholesome bread. You can also add flax seeds, sunflower, or  pumpkin seeds to up the nutritional value. It’s no shock that chips and chocolate  are not exactly what your body needs. But can staples like rice or smoothies be harmful to your body?

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