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The World’s Longest Living People DON’T EAT These 6 Foods

The World’s Longest Living People DON’T EAT These 6 Foods

Hey! Do you know what I plan on eating today? 

For breakfast, it’s gonna be cinnamon  rolls doused in whipped cream, some bacon, and an iced Frappuccino… A big steak, fries, and  a chocolate pastry for lunch… And for dinner……

Dude! Hold on!! You have been eating garbage  all week. An occasional indulgence is fine but you can’t eat this kind of food every  day and expect to live for a long time. Let tell you what the longest living people  in the blue zones on earth would never eat.

Wait a minute, you’ve never heard of Blue zones?

Let me explain. Only a few people make it to  their nineties without the baggage of disease.   But there are 7 extraordinary geographic areas  where the average life expectancy went up to 100 years. Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Loma  Linda, California, Ikaria, Greece; and Nicoya, Costa Rica have the longest living folks.  These regions have become the blue zones. Genetics only play a miniature role,  your lifestyle dictates your longevity.

Researchers unraveled the mysteries of these  regions and found a strong interlink between what the locals ate and their longevity.  Perhaps it’s time we use their secret of longevity too. The Blue zone diet is not  calorie-based. It doesn’t focus on taking wellness supplements or reading labels.  It’s a natural holistic way of living.  

Now let’s jump-start your living long  stratigity by looking at what to avoid.

Do you love your hamburgers, steak,  and hot dogs a little too much?

Red meat has been such a mainstay that it can  almost double as America’s National meal. But  guess what? People in the blue zones have  meat only as celebratory food. They have it maybe twice a week or even less and the  serving size is small, somewhere around 2 Oz. People of Loma Linda are Seventh-day Adventists  and completely avoid meat. It’s best if you can  do that. But if you’ve been a meat lover for  many years, going cold turkey can be difficult. If you must satisfy those meat cravings  then choose organic farm-raised poultry.  

People from the other blue zones eat only  free-roaming animals that are grain-fed. Your body needs 0.36 grams of  protein per pound of body weight. But Americans tend to go overboard.  Controlling the portion size is key. Remember, your lamb chop should not be  bigger than the size of a deck of cards. If you go to a restaurant  and see a bigger serving, your best bet is to share it with somebody  or make the remaining portion a takeaway. It would be so much easier if you just avoid  buying sausages, luncheon, and other processed meats all together. First off because they  are loaded with sodium and preservatives and second, they’re going to damage your heart.  A review stated that processed meat comes with  an 18 % higher risk of coronary heart disease. Red  meat increased the chances of heart attacks by 9%.

The blue zone folks might have succeeded in  cracking the code on heart disease. But what about getting enough protein? Do they remain  protein deficient when they don’t eat meat?

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