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Foods That Improve Blood Circulation in Your Legs

Foods That Improve Blood Circulation in Your Legs

Beets are rich in nitrates. Your body will be able to convert them into nitric oxide.  With increased production of nitric oxide, your blood vessels relax and become  wider. This helps your blood flow easier. Beet juice is usually taken as a supplement  by athletes as it can help them improve their performance. The increased blood flow results in  oxygen freely reaching the muscle tissue, which boosts performance. It can also help older people  who are suffering from bad blood circulation. A study of more than 30 older adults revealed  interesting insights. One group was given 5 ounces of beet juice every day, while the  other was given a placebo. The group with the beet juice saw a reduction in blood pressure  and inflammation in the blood vessels compared to the group who did not.

Not everybody’s into spice, but if you  are, cayenne pepper can do the trick. Cayenne pepper has a spicy flavor that  comes from the phytochemical capsaicin. The capsaicin also helps relax your blood  vessels and keeps your arteries working. The free flow of blood helps reduce blood pressure as well. Capsaicin can also increase the production of  nitric oxide and other compounds that expand your blood vessels, which are called vasodilators.  These vasodilators are responsible for getting the small muscles in the walls of your blood  vessels to relax, so the blood can flow freely. Research has shown that including cayenne pepper  as part of your regular diet improves your blood circulation, as well as strengthens your blood  vessels. It can also help get rid of plaque build-up in the arteries.

Walnuts are rich in vitamin E and compounds  like l-arginine and alpha-lipoic acid  (ALA). These compounds can help  increase the amount of nitric oxide. By including walnuts in your regular diet, you  can help reduce your blood pressure levels. They also reduce inflammation and improve  the functionality of your blood vessels. Walnuts are also a good food source filled with  nutrition, especially for people struggling with diabetes. Diabetics tend to have circulation and  blood pressure issues, which are caused by damage to the blood vessels because of excess sugar. A study was conducted on people with diabetes. One group of participants ate 2 ounces of  walnuts every day for a period of eight weeks. This group saw a marked improvement in their  blood flow compared to the control group, which did not have walnuts.

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