Can’t Poop? Do this 7 Things to Relieve Constipation Naturally!

In fact a study found that the effect of coffee is 60 stronger than drinking water so if I’m really struggling to go to the bathroom and a cup of warm water just doesn’t do it I would drink a cup of hot coffee in the morning and it works almost instantly, coffee also contains small amounts of soluble fibers that can help prevent constipation by improving the balance of gut bacteria saying that however for those suffering with ibs caffeine could over stimulate your bowel making the digestive symptom worse, so this method might not be for everyone depending on your digestive health but caffeine certainly does help to relieve constipation especially for me, just like eating sleeping and exercising you need to establish a poop routine as well for most people including myself I would go to the toilet first thing in the morning for some it might be at the end of their day choose whatever works for you but you need to have a bowel movement at the same time every day and it needs to be at a time where you don’t feel rushed if i have a rushed morning i’m not going to be able to poop, everything is just going to be blocked up and i will feel constipated later on and i’ll get up at least one hour earlier every morning before leaving home to make sure that my toilet experience is relaxing and flush everything out even before i consume breakfast for some of you eating a small breakfast can help to stimulate the gastro colic reflex, which can help waste move through your colon so you might try going to the bathroom 15 to 45 minutes after breakfast but avoid having a heavy breakfast because that could slow down your digestion and cause constipation, did you know that your toilet posture could also cause constipation

Let’s first take a look at our standard sitting toilet posture typically a person sits on a western toilet bowl just like how he would sit on a chair the position is basically at a 90 degree position where your hips are bent while sitting on your toilet is comfortable the placement of your upper legs at 90 degrees to your abdomen disrupt the passage of your intestines making having a bowel movement more difficult some of you might find yourself bending your upper body forward while sitting thinking that it can help with your bowel movement in fact it blocks it even further the natural human impulse is to squat while emptying the bowels i’m sure some of you might have seen and even use those squatting type toilet bowls in fact my grandmother is still using it and it’s still pretty common in Asia, when you’re in a squatting position your knees are brought closer to your abdomen positioning your organs and muscles in a way that relaxes your rectum in a straight line, this maximizes the efficiency of your bowel movement of course you can’t be squatting on your regular toilet bowl it’s just dangerous so what you can do is to place a low stool in front of your toilet seat and place your feet on the stool, this will help achieve the 35 degree hip angle that does not constrict your rectum and allow the stool to pass more smoothly, i know some of you might be thinking I can’t believe she just taught me the signs on how to poop correctly well it really does work and it’s worth trying to see if it helps you that’s why you’ll find a low stool in my house, i’m sure you’ve heard this too many times if you can’t go to the toilet eat more vegetables and fruits this is because dietary fiber increases the size of your stools makes them softer and easier to pass.

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