8 Common Shower Habits That Are Bad For Your Skin And Hair

According to experts, you’ll be contributing to skin problems if you wash your face in the shower. It simply means that you’ll be in the bath for longer, which can cause dry skin and hyper pigmentation. The water temperature can also be an issue, as the water you use to shower is likely to be hotter than the water you should use to wash your face. Also, as I said before, shampoos and hair conditioners include harsh chemicals, so you don’t want them flowing down your face. There’s nothing wrong with washing your face at the sink. You’ll notice a difference in your skin once you start washing your face separately from your shower. Use a non-abrasive, mild cleanser to remove the pollutants from your face. Keep your razor away from your shower. Who doesn’t want baby smooth skin?

Achieving the best shave possible helps you accomplish this goal. This is where the importance of razor hygiene comes into play. It can be convenient to keep your razor in the shower, but nothing is worse than leaving your razor in a warm, wet environment. The humidity is bad for the razor as well as your skin! It’ll rust the blades, and raise your risk of bacteria and fungus on the skin. Pat dry your razor on a clean towel after every use. This will keep it clean and sharp. Once this is done, store it with a special gel package to keep the blades dry.

Also, try shaving at night rather than the early morning. When you go to bed, your legs will warm up and swell, causing the hairs to retreat into their follicles and become less noticeable. Your legs will feel smoother than they are when you wake up in the morning. Your shower habits are very important for your skin to thrive. Try avoiding a few of these habits for a few weeks. You’ll see a surprising difference in your skin quality.

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