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8 Common Shower Habits That Are Bad For Your Skin And Hair

8 Common Shower Habits That Are Bad For Your Skin And Hair

Has your skin been itchy, dry, or flaky for a while?

Do you not know what’s causing this?

Maybe you need to assess your shower habits.

Did you know something as simple and natural as showering can ruin your skin and hair?

This is because of some common mistakes you make every time you go into the shower.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the most common shower mistakes that harm your skin.

Are long showers a bad idea?

What about using a loofah?

Is it wrong to take a hot shower?

We’ll talk about all this AND more…

 Did you know that showering daily is bad for your skin?

Okay, I know this sounds crazy, but dermatologists recommend showering every other day, or only two to three times a week. I agree that personal cleanliness cannot be ignored. But, showering every day is pointless, and can be really bad for your skin. The opinion is that if you avoid showering every day, the natural oils of your skin will renew, leading to supple skin that’s well moisturized and hydrated. A coating of oil on the skin is essential if you want to keep it healthy. Your skin is made up of multiple microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Shower gel and over-washing can disturb your skin’s microorganism balance, making it vulnerable to problems like dryness, infection, and sensitivity. Too much showering can also worsen the symptoms of skin diseases including psoriasis and eczema.

Don’t avoid showering just because you’re lazy. You can have skin infections if there are too many harmful bacteria on your skin. This can lead to dermatitis neglecta, a condition where the skin develops plaque due to insufficient Washing. Bathing also eliminates dead skin cells. They can attach to your skin and create hyper pigmentation. The best way is to stick to only one shower per day. They shouldn’t be longer than five minutes. Also, try to avoid using hot water. What happens if some soap suds are left on your skin after the shower? That feeling of being fresh out of the shower never gets old. There are fewer things sweeter than the smell of your body wash. The problem probably is soap suds.

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