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7 Ways Women Can Say Goodbye To Their Muffin Tops

7 Ways Women Can Say Goodbye To Their Muffin Tops

Hey there! Do you  struggle with a muffin top?.  While everyone loves to eat,  nobody wants a muffin top.In today’s article, we will talk about 7 simple ways  women can lose theirs. Will eating more protein  help? Do you need to cut carbs and sugar?  Are there exercises you can benefit from? 

We’re talking about all  that AND more. Let’s begin.

1. More Protein

When you’re trying to get rid of your muffin top, you essentially want to  change your body composition. Protein isn’t just to build your body muscles.  You really need it when trying to lose fat.You must eat protein so you don’t lose muscle  mass. Experts have found protein helps to  boost metabolism, promote satiety, and change  weight regulating hormones. How, you may ask?

There’s an area in your brain, called the  hypothalamus. This controls your weight by producing satiety-promoting hormones like  cholecystokinin, GLP-1, and peptide YY, as well as a hunger hormone called ghrelin.When you eat a diet high in protein,  the hypothalamus increases the hormones that make you feel full and  decreases the hunger hormone.This promotes a feeling of fullness,  which reduces cravings as a result.Protein makes you eat fewer calories.  Another benefit of including protein in your diet is that it has a higher thermic  effect. This means your body spends higher energy on digesting and metabolizing protein  than it does for carbohydrates and fat.Are you enjoying this list so far? Well,  this next point will surely surprise you. 

2. Less Sugar

Many think consuming sugar won’t hurt  your weight loss plan as long as you’re maintaining a calorie deficit. But  the truth is entirely the opposite.Research has shown that added sugar can be  really harmful to your metabolic health.Sugar is half glucose and half fructose.  When you eat too much of it, your liver gets a fructose overload and converts  it into fat to be stored for use later.This increases liver and abdominal  fat, leading to metabolic problems and insulin resistance. Things get  even worse when you consume sugar in liquid form through beverages  like fruit juice, Gatorade and soda.Your brain doesn’t seem to register liquid  calories as it does calories from solid foods. Make sure you eat whole fruits instead of  sugar-loaded fruit juice. Read the labels properly to make sure there’s no added sugar  and high fructose corn syrup in your packages.Eat low carbohydrate foods,  like eggs and lean meats, as they prevent blood sugar  spikes and help you lose weight.

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