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6 Ways To STOP Your Memory Loss

Reduce your alcohol consumption

And you thought you make stupid decisions only when you’re drunk? Well here’s the heartbreaking truth. Alcohol decreases your mental functioning even when you have no hangover. Occasional and moderate drinkers experience memory impairment. Heavy drinkers on the other hand have much more to lose. I’m talking about permanent memory loss. Not to mention the decreased size of grey matter in your brain. If you’re having an occasional glass of wine, things are fine. Just make sure it doesn’t get out of control. Your portion size matters Yes, eating too much can affect your memory. Maybe that’s why Thanksgiving dinner slows me down. Overeating doubles the risk of memory loss. Experts have conducted research on this. When you eat more calories daily, your risk of developing cognitive problems also increases. Eating around 2100 calories per day doubles your risk of memory loss. In short, watch your portion size if you want a good memory. Exercise your brain Doing exercises that engage your brain improves your concentration, focus and boosts memory. You can start with my favorite, jigsaw puzzles! Research shows that jigsaw puzzles engage and challenge the cognitive parts of your brain, protecting you from age-related decline. Next, you can try your hand at cards. They mentally stimulate your brain. Dancing, learning a new skill, and building vocabulary are also great ways to boost your memory.

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