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6 Ways To STOP Your Memory Loss

Brain Healthy Diet

 Your brain is a BIG deal. And while you are doing everything to prevent memory loss and make your brain razor-sharp, it is never enough if you’re ignoring your diet. What you put in your mouth affects your body. This includes your brain. There are special foods that are known to boost your brain function and memory. Before I list these special brain boosting foods, let me tell you what a brain-healthy diet looks like. There should be no more than 30% fat in your meals. And no, they shouldn’t include trans and saturated fats. Make sure your food has generous amounts of vitamin C, E, beta carotene. All three of them are strong antioxidants that prevent signs of aging. And the loss of memory power is one of the topmost signs. You can eat spinach, kale and broccoli salad as all three of them are dark green veggies rich in antioxidants. Walnuts, salmon and fish oil are great sources of healthy fatty acids. Now let’s talk about a few brain-healthy foods. Turmeric takes a prime spot because it contains a special antioxidant compound that enters right into your brain and helps cells fight inflammation. It also boosts hormones that improve your mood. You can munch on pumpkin seeds. They have powerful antioxidants, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Your brain needs all of these for healthy functioning. And here comes the most delicious part… the BERRIES. Not only are they delicious, but also wonderful for your brain. Age causes a decline in your memory abilities. But berries contain compounds that prevent memory loss caused by age. So the next time you’re preparing a healthy breakfast, add some berries. Blueberries with oatmeal taste fantastic! A strawberry smoothie is a delicious brain boosting drink! Coffee and dark chocolate both contain strong antioxidants that reduce the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. You can drink a large cup of coffee in the morning, or in smaller quantities throughout the day to increase your concentration power. Dark chocolate is good for your brain. Like really good. It contains brain-boosting compounds that gather in areas responsible for learning. This gives you an enhanced memory and slows down any decline you experience with old age. Don’t forget about green tea either. It improves performance, alertness, and memory. This is thanks to a particular amino acid that crosses the brain-blood barrier, increasing the activity of special neurotransmitters. This neurotransmitter reduces anxiety, making you feel more relaxed and focused. You are calmer because of the increase in frequency of alpha waves within the brain. But not only that, some amino acids save you from overstimulation caused by the caffeine in green tea. So you can drink green tea without feeling too stimulated. A total win-win! Experts say it improves your memory as well! Now where’s a cup of green tea when you really need it

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