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6 Ways To STOP Your Memory Loss

6 Ways To STOP Your Memory Loss

Hey there Remember all those times you forgot where you kept your car keys and spent the entire evening searching for them? You turn your house upside for 15 minutes before finding them sitting on your kitchen counter… Right where you left them. Memories are a part of who we are. You need a solid memory to perform at work, excel at school, and even in relationships. Try forgetting your loved one’s birthday and you will know what I mean. In today’s article, we will be discussing 6 natural ways to prevent memory loss.

Are there memory-boosting exercises? What role does diet play? We will be talking about all of this AND more…

Eat low glycemic index food

As if it wasn’t enough for foods like pizza and pasta to destroy waistlines. They’re enemies of your brain too. Especially high glycemic food. But why? How does eating high-carb foods harm your brain? Swings in your blood sugar affect your memory and you don’t need to be a diabetic. Experts have been researching this, and it was found that high blood sugar levels decrease your brain’s ability to do complex tasks. Diabetes is even more dangerous as it can damage blood vessels in the brain, causing dementia. Researchers suggest that even those with high blood sugar and not diabetes are at risk of developing impaired memory. So even if your blood sugar is in the normal range, exercise caution and eat more low-sugar foods like whole grains. Low glycemic foods are a great option. Wondering what those are? For breakfast, rolled oats with milk is a great option. Saute butter beans and peas to go along with a bowl of piping hot brown rice. Sweet potatoes would make for an excellent low glycemic index food. And now the heartbreaking news. You need to drop the cookies, pizza and white bread. Even breakfast cereals are a no-no. Try non-starchy veggies and fruits with the exception of pineapples and melons.

Memory promoting exercise

That’s right. You cannot skip your daily workouts. As much as you would like to sit on the couch and eat a bag of chips, exercise is a great way to ensure you live a happy, healthy life. Physical exercises make the brain sharp. They also decrease the likelihood of developing diabetes and heart disease. Exercise increases oxygen flow in the blood vessels, which means your brain gets a little more oxygen than before. Exercise improves your mood and sleep patterns. Symptoms of anxiety and depression will also reduce. Aerobic exercises are especially good, as they pump your heart and cause sweating. This leads to more oxygen in the system. Exercising also boosts neuronal connections in your brain. Just remember a few things before you set out on an exercise regimen to boost your memory power. Exercises that keep your blood pumping are great. In short, exercise that’s good for your heart is great for the brain too. Do you feel sleepy long after you wake up? Like it takes several cups of coffee to feel awake? Exercising in the morning can easily solve this problem. Exercises that involve hand-eye coordination and complex motor skills are highly beneficial for your brain. Take short exercise breaks, like a short walk or a few sprints, to jumpstart your brain. It reboots and re-energizes it. Do this especially if you are prone to depressing afternoon slumps. Are you finding the list useful so far? Well, this next point will surely surprise you.

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