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6 Signs Of A Silent Heart Attack That Are Always Ignored

6 Signs Of A Silent Heart Attack That Are Always Ignored

Hi there! Imagine it’s a regular day. You get a call from your friend informing  you about his hospital visit. He was just going to visit the doctor for indigestion. But  the reports came in saying that he suffered a heart attack a few weeks ago. You’re shocked and  thinking, what could have possibly gone wrong? Believe it or not, your body gives you subtle  signs right before a silent heart attack. Do cold sweats mean anything? Can pain in the right arm  be a sign? We are discussing all that and more.

Want to know what a silent heart attack is?

Most movies show a heart attack by someone  clutching their chest real tight, gasping for breath, or blacking out. But it’s not always  so dramatic. Contrary to Hollywood heart attacks, a silent heart attack has zero to  minimal symptoms. Doctors call it silent myocardial ischemia. It  is quite difficult to believe that something as huge as a heart attack  can happen without you even knowing it.Research says that 45% of heart attacks  are silent. The chances of women getting struck by one are much higher than men.  The symptoms of a silent heart attack are so mild they’re often confused  for some other less serious problem.But what actually causes silent heart attacks?Your heart is fueled by oxygen-rich blood.  Cholesterol-rich plaque starts collecting in your coronary arteries. When platelets from  your blood start adhering to the plaque site it forms a blood clot and may hinder blood flow.  Your heart muscles cannot function optimally with diminished or no oxygen. They lose their  capacity to pump blood. This causes a silent heart attack. The longer your heart is without  oxygenated blood the more gruesome the effects.So, just like any other heart attack, it can  be said that atherosclerosis is the root cause.Most times – you will be able to figure out the  reason for a deadly heart attack. It will either be your cigarettes, junk food that’s loaded  with salt, or stress. Studies show that if you are a type 2 diabetic then it significantly  increases your chances of a silent heart attack.But that’s not always the case. A few things that  can push you towards a silent heart attack are sometimes out of your control . Family history  of heart disease, preeclampsia during pregnancy, and covid-19 can make the situation tricky. Also,  if you are a postmenopausal woman above 55 years of age or a man above 45 years of age then your  chances of getting a heart attack increase.

Do you want to hear some shocking statistics?

One person gets a heart attack every  40 seconds in the United States alone. But your heart is much more intelligent than  you think. It will let your body know before shutting down completely. If you keep a close eye  on some unusual symptoms you might be successful in preventing a disaster. You don’t have to  wait for the cardiac treatment to begin after a heart attack. Preventative cardiac care  may successfully stop you from getting one.

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