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5 Signs Of Depression That Should Never Be Ignored

5 Signs Of Depression That Should Never Be Ignored

Depression is a silent killer.Many people are ashamed or afraid to ask for help, so they go on with their lives and live with it in secret. However, there are still small habits that these individuals will do when they enter a depressive episode. It’s important to remember that depression is a brain illness that can be fatal if it’s not treated properly. Every year, depression affects more than 16 million Americans. Mental health is starting to get the recognition that it deserves, but there is still more work to be done. According to statistics, only 35.3% of Americans who are suffering from depression seek help. This is a major concern because it is extremely tough to deal with depression on your own. For some, they don’t seek help because they feel it’s not a serious issue. Others see it as a sense of weakness; they think that asking for help means they can’t deal with their own problems. This is why it’s essential for friends and family to be able to spot certain habits or signs of depression. It doesn’t mean the individual will automatically open up, but it will definitely show them that they have people around them who are aware of the changes they’re going through and are there to help. here are the top habits someone with depression will develop and go through.

1.Wanting to be alone:

If you are suffering from depression, you probably don’t like leaving your house/room. You want to be alone with your thoughts and in most cases want to feel sorry for yourself without anyone bothering you. Many people who suffer from depression just want to spend their time alone. They may completely give up on communicating with others. They will isolate themselves and give up on a daily routine. They may ignore calls, stop showing up to work, stop going to school, stop paying bills, the list goes on. Many people suffering from depression will not seek help because they believe they can deal with it on their own. They become obsessed with trying to figure out why they’re in agony, but in many cases, this just makes things worse, especially if they can’t figure out why. Pushing people away is nothing new for people suffering from depression. But the difference is that they do it in a harmful way. The reason they do it is to mask the emotion of anger rather than sadness. It’s one thing to avoid plans and appointments, but some people want nothing to do with human interaction when they are depressed, so they may walk around with headphones in their ears not only to avoid talking to people, but to also portray that they are functioning when they really are not.

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