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14 Health Symptoms That Men Should Never Ignore

14 Health Symptoms That Men Should Never Ignore

 Frequent fatigue:

A bad night’s sleep or physical exertion can leave anyone exhausted. But fatigue for an extended period of time is a red flag worth a trip to the doctor. Prolonged tiredness can be a symptom of certain cancers and infections, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. A sleep disorder is another possible trigger, as is a problem thyroid gland, anemia, and psychological conditions such as depression. When it seems no amount of coffee is enough to get ready for the day, it’s likely time to see a physician.

Erectile dysfunction:

 Most men don’t want to talk or even think about erectile dysfunction or ED. But it could be a red flag for much more serious diseases. If you are 45 to 50 and your only health issue is that it doesn’t work in the bedroom the way that it used to, that’s a huge red flag. ED may signal a lack of blood flow, which indicates trouble in other parts of the body too, such as the heart and the brain. If you develop this problem, it is likely to predict a heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years as smoking or family history of heart disease.

Swollen or stiff joints:  

 You might think experiencing stiff or swollen joints is due to all that extra yard work you did, but it can also be an indicator of bigger problems. One thing you should never ignore is joint swelling and joint stiffness. This may occur anywhere throughout the body, could be the hands and feet or knees. Oftentimes, it could be the start of benign degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis, but may underlie something more serious or detrimental. It may be the early signs of autoimmune arthritis, immune system imbalance, hormonal imbalance, improper nutrition, or physical deconditioning. It is very important to have strong bones if you want to prevent diseases like arthritis.

Skin changes:

 Check with your doctor if you find a new and oddly shaped freckle or mole. Also check in if an existing mole changes in color or size or starts to bleed. These could all be signs of skin cancer. Men are constantly at risk for this disease. This is especially true if you’re often outdoors and don’t wear sunscreen. Some forms of skin cancer are fatal. If found and treated early, though, many times it can be cured.

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