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14 Health Symptoms That Men Should Never Ignore

14 Health Symptoms That Men Should Never Ignore

Did you know that men are 50 percent less likely to visit their doctor as compared to women?  When it comes to health, men’s issues stay suppressed or less spoken about. Many times, they tend to ignore their problems and refuse to seek help. Men are more likely to skip checkup, delay medical assistance and ignore symptoms. Although sometimes, an itch is just an itch and a sore muscle is just a sore muscle. But when symptoms persist, or you start to notice certain patterns, it can signal that something more serious is going on. And in today’s article, we will tell you symptoms in men that should not be ignored. From dizziness, excessive thirst, constant fatigue, skin changes to persistent cough and more.

Shortness of breath:

If you feel short of breath in your day to day routine, it is time; you should not take it lightly anymore. Though, issues and symptoms differ from one body to another. But certain signs like breathlessness and exertion need to be taken seriously. For instance, if you feel shortness of breath right after a light walk then it could be a sign of coronary ischemia. This is a situation where there is a complete or partial blockage of an artery that carries blood to your heart. If you feel any of the symptoms like pressure and tightness in your chest, extreme shortness of breath and dizziness, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

Bloody or black stools:

 Bowel movements usually differ in colour due to the foods that you eat and medications. But you need to pay attention when the stool turns out to be pale, black, or bloody.This problem can be serious and may be a sign of bleeding in the upper digestive tract.On the other hand, if the stool is bloody or maroon then it may indicate bleeding in the lower digestive tract. If you frequently notice your stool like this, it’s time to take it seriously. This could be a sign of haemorrhoids, bleeding or ulcers. And if you notice unusual changes in the colour of your stool, contact your doctor right away.


 Dizziness can cause you to feel light-headed, become unsteady on your feet, or experience the sensation that the room is spinning around you. It occurs when there is not enough blood reaching the brain. This may result from a sudden drop in blood pressure or dehydration. Dizziness often accompanies health problems like the flu, allergies, or hypoglycemia. It could also indicate a serious health risk like heart disease, stroke, or shock.

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