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14 Foods You Should Eat To Keep Your Liver Healthy


Nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans and hazelnuts  are concentrated with liver friendly nutrients.  Substituting unhealthy snacks with trail mix  or granola bars containing an assortment of  nuts and dried fruit helps fix liver  damage caused by fatty liver disease.When eaten regularly, these tiny  but nutrient dense foods also  contain active compounds that reduce  oxidative stress and inflammation.  Just a handful of nuts everyday will be  beneficial in maintaining liver health.  Remember that all nuts are high in  calories and should be eaten in moderation.


Drinking lemon water in the morning is one  of the best ways to kickstart your day.  Not only does it cleanse the liver but also  keeps the immune system intact. The reason  being lemon juice stimulates the liver to  flush out toxins and allow proper function.Ever wonder why people drink lemon  juice for a hangover? It’s because  lemon juice has the capacity to reverse the  ill effects of drinking excessive alcohol.  Lemon and lime also protects the liver  from damage. It is also effective if  you are looking to lose a couple of pounds,  which is always a good idea for your liver.


 Grapes, especially red and purple ones, are packed with liver friendly nutrients. The  beneficial plant compounds lower inflammation,  prevent damage and increase antioxidant levels.  Eating grape seed extract supplements for around a  month improves liver function especially in people  suffering from non alcoholic fatty liver disease.Packed in essential vitamins, riboflavin,  manganese and potassium, eating just one  cup of whole grapes keeps the bones healthy. The  plant compounds also prevent chronic diseases.The liver deserves more attention, after  all, it has the important job of filtering  out toxins. Eating the right foods will not  only protect your liver but will boost your  overall health. The best way to avoid liver  disease starts with eating right and choosing  a more active lifestyle. If you are looking  for more ways to take care of your liver then…Stay away from these foods. 

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