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14 Foods You Should Eat To Keep Your Liver Healthy

14 Foods You Should Eat To Keep Your Liver Healthy

Let’s be honest here. How often  

have you thought about liver friendly foods? 

Not that often?

Being the largest internal organ  that carries out over 500 essential activities, a  healthy liver is very important. This powerhouse  organ is responsible for breaking down carbs,  producing protein to support the immune system,  getting rid of byproducts, making  glucose and detoxifying the body.

While the liver is taking care of you,  what are you doing to take care of it? 

The best way is by eating the right  food, but what are these foods?

Is garlic one of the best liver friendly foods? 

Does coffee promote liver health? What about fish? 

 Stay tuned, because today we will be talking about  all the foods that will take care of your liver.


The whole world runs on coffee. Many of  us don’t feel completely awake unless we have had  our morning cup of joe. Although many diets don’t  promote drinking coffee, when it comes to liver  health drinking moderate amounts is a good idea.It is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and   antioxidants that protect the liver against  cirrhosis. If you are already dealing with  liver issues then it will protect  it from worsening. Along with that,  it also reduces the build up of fat in the  liver and gets rid of cancer causing elements.


Grapefruit is one of the most  nutritious superfruits which is not only great for  your liver but your overall health, too. Packed  with antioxidants and vitamin C, they naturally  protect the liver. The two main components  which set this fruit apart from the rest are the  presence of two unique antioxidants. They have a  two way effect that includes reducing inflammation  and cell protection. The compounds found in  grapefruit reduce fat buildup in the liver and  increase the production of fat burning enzymes.


Garlic is a  superfood when it comes to liver health. A garlic  rich diet helps stimulate the liver. Packed with  minerals like allicin, vitamin B6, vitamin C and  selenium, it is a wonderful detoxifying agent.  It is also anti fungal, antibacterial and  antibiotic in nature. The selenium naturally  alleviates any burden on the liver by increasing  the antioxidant action. All these enzymes and  compounds flush out the toxins from the liver  and protect it from chronic liver disease.

Green tea 

Ever since green tea was made popular  in the early 2000s, it has become one  of the most common names in the healthy  eating world. One cup of it is packed with  loads of catechins and antioxidants that help  detoxify and lower inflammation in the liver.The combination of regular  exercising and green tea  also reduces the risk of developing liver cancer.  Research shows that drinking ample amounts of it  everyday improves liver enzyme levels as well.

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