11 Surprising Foods You Didn’t Know Burn Fat

Hey there, Are you constantly  in a war with your weight? I mean,  you’re trying to lose fat but you just can’t  shake delicious foods. Well believe it or not,  some of your favorite foods can burn up  fat. That is if you eat them in moderation.  Let’s discuss 11 Surprising  Foods You Didn’t Know Burn Fat.Do you like chocolate milk? How about  coffee? Better start putting more mustard on your sandwiches. We’re  talking all that AND more…


That’s right. Mustard is a fat burner.  While it remains one of the most loved and hated condiments on the table, it’s fat  burning benefits are undeniable. And what’s crazier is that this isn’t a new discovery.  Evidence of this has been around since the 80’s.A study from 1986 showed that a teaspoon of  mustard can actually boost your metabolism by 25%. There is also no added sugar in mustard. As  it turns out, mustard seed is a great source of antioxidants. The turmeric found in mustard  can even fight against cancer and Alzheimer’s.Here’s where you run into issues. It isn’t  exactly normal to eat mustard on its own. I mean, how many people do you see  eating it straight out of the jar? Stay away from that guy… If you eat mustard,  chances are you’re putting it on a snack loaded with fat and carbs. I’m talking about  hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches.If you want the fat burning benefits of  mustard, find something light to eat it with.

Unripe Bananas

Yup, they burn fat as well. Most people  prefer their bananas to be ripe. It’s just the waiting process that’s such  a pain. We sometimes wait so long, we forget we bought them. But little did we know  that unripe bananas also have their benefits.Bananas that are under ripe can create healthy gut bacteria. They are full of good fiber.  Since this fiber takes longer to digest, you feel full for a longer period of time.  This allows you to lose weight quicker.The Vitamin B6 in bananas also allows  you to convert food into energy.

Red Peppers

How many of you love your hot peppers? While  hot cayenne peppers set your mouth on fire and make you sweat, red peppers also help  you lose weight. Here’s how they burn fat.Ever heard of cortisol? This is known as a  stress hormone. When you’re feeling on edge, your cortisol level shoots up. This leads to belly  fat storage. When you bite into a red pepper, the Vitamin C attacks your cortisol  and begins to reduce it. As a result, your belly fat will burn away slowly.Red peppers also contain something  called capsaicin. This increases the rate at which you burn your  fat. The great thing about red pepper is that they fit with an  assortment of delicious meals.I personally enjoy them mixed in with my stir fry, which can be made with other easy  ingredients right on your home stove.

Peanut Butter

A study from 2009 showed that nuts in general  will lower the risk of weight  gain and obesity in adults.You’ve probably heard more about peanut butter’s  protein content then its ability to burn fat. Well actually, it’s with the help of protein that our bellies burn the fat. This protein  also helps you recover from a workout.The only problem is finding the right  brand of peanut butter. The normal type of peanut butter is loaded with sugar,  salt and preservatives. What you want is an organic brand. Two tablespoons of  organic peanut butter holds only 2% of your daily recommended carbs and sodium. It  also carries 7% of your daily dietary fiber.So if you’re craving a midnight snack,  and you don’t want to gain as much weight, slather a bit of organic peanut  butter over some whole wheat bread.


 Caffeine boosts your metabolism.  Now I know it’s not for everyone, but all you coffee drinkers should listen up.A hot cup in the morning is exactly what  your system needs to start burning fat. But you’re going to have to make some sacrifices.  That medium coffee with double cream and sugar, drop it. In order to burn fat,  you’ll need to drink it black.A study from all the way back in 2006 showed that  people who drink black coffee have a metabolism 16% higher than those who don’t drink it. The  higher your metabolism, the quicker you will lose weight. Not only that, but you can also enjoy  more food since your body breaks it down quicker.Another piece of research showed that lean  people who drank caffeine saw their fat burn 29% faster, whereas obese people  burn fat only 10% faster.

Dark Chocolate

You’ve heard that dark chocolate was good for you,  but who knew it could burn fat? Similar to unripe bananas, dark chocolate promotes a healthier  gut. This allows the body to burn more fat.Believe it or not, dark chocolate  shares some of the same health benefits as green vegetables. It  can reduce your blood pressure, insulin resistance and blood sugar. You just  need to make sure you’re eating it in moderation.Dark chocolate also helps your metabolism,  reducing the absorption of nasty fats and carbs.So head over to the supermarket and buy a bar.


This one might not be a  common item in your fridge, but hummus is only becoming more popular  in North America. If you’re wondering whether or not to pick it up on your next  grocery run, here’s a little motivation…Research shows that people who eat hummus on  the regular were 53% less likely to be obese. Made from the almighty chickpea, hummus  is jam packed with protein. It’s also a terrific source of deity fiber,  promoting better health for your gut.Break out some hummus and eat  it with carrots and celery.

Chocolate Milk

You’ve probably heard mixed things about  chocolate milk your entire life. As kids, we were told not to drink too much. Later  in life, people said it wasn’t so bad for us and we should have more. Well both are  true in a way. While it’s certainly not good to guzzle it down with a funnel,  chocolate milk does indeed burn fat.Trying to slim down? Low fat chocolate  milk gives your body plenty of protein to work with during exercise. A single  cup provides 8 grams of protein. This way you’re getting the usual chocolate milk  benefits without all the fat and cholesterol.

Cottage CheeseI

know it sounds gross to some of you, but cottage cheese has a ton of great  health benefits. This includes fat burning.In just a single cup of low fat cottage  cheese, you are getting 163 calories and  28 grams of protein. Diets that are high in  protein keep you feeling full. Unless you just love to stuff yourself with food, you  won’t be eating as much on a full stomach.If you’re thinking of giving cottage cheese a  try, you’re likely thinking of ways to eat it. Some eat it with sliced bananas, berries  and pineapples. Other’s just have it the old fashioned way and eat it out of the container with  a spoon. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a start.


We’re not asking you to do the cinnamon challenge  here. Remember that thing from years ago?Instead, if you’d like to try cinnamon for its  weight loss effects, it’s actually a great choice. If you have some cinnamon in the morning,  you will give your metabolism a boost. It’s  antioxidants help promote insulin sensitivity  and keep your blood sugar level stable.In the case of fat burning, a study from  2012 was conducted on mice. In the end, mice who consumed daily ingredients  from cinnamon saw a rapid decrease in belly fat. Those who didn’t  consume it, wouldn’t have it.Of course, you don’t want  to eat cinnamon on it’s own. Luckily for you, it works with multiple  breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.


I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t  spaghetti a carb goldmine. Well yes. These carbs give your body fuel to burn. Let’s say you have a spaghetti lunch. I’m talking  about a large plate with some meatballs on it. Just a single serving contains 16%  of your daily carbohydrates. These carbs will allow your body to burn up fat  when you go on a run later on that night. Just don’t overdo it. We all know how  addicting a good plate of pasta is.

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