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11 Surprising Foods You Didn’t Know Burn Fat

11 Surprising Foods You Didn’t Know Burn Fat

Dark Chocolate

You’ve heard that dark chocolate was good for you,  but who knew it could burn fat? Similar to unripe bananas, dark chocolate promotes a healthier  gut. This allows the body to burn more fat.Believe it or not, dark chocolate  shares some of the same health benefits as green vegetables. It  can reduce your blood pressure, insulin resistance and blood sugar. You just  need to make sure you’re eating it in moderation.Dark chocolate also helps your metabolism,  reducing the absorption of nasty fats and carbs.So head over to the supermarket and buy a bar.


This one might not be a  common item in your fridge, but hummus is only becoming more popular  in North America. If you’re wondering whether or not to pick it up on your next  grocery run, here’s a little motivation…Research shows that people who eat hummus on  the regular were 53% less likely to be obese. Made from the almighty chickpea, hummus  is jam packed with protein. It’s also a terrific source of deity fiber,  promoting better health for your gut.Break out some hummus and eat  it with carrots and celery.

Chocolate Milk

You’ve probably heard mixed things about  chocolate milk your entire life. As kids, we were told not to drink too much. Later  in life, people said it wasn’t so bad for us and we should have more. Well both are  true in a way. While it’s certainly not good to guzzle it down with a funnel,  chocolate milk does indeed burn fat.Trying to slim down? Low fat chocolate  milk gives your body plenty of protein to work with during exercise. A single  cup provides 8 grams of protein. This way you’re getting the usual chocolate milk  benefits without all the fat and cholesterol.

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